Hi there!  I’m Dawn.  I am a 30 something;) mother to 2.5 boys and a wife to the biggest kid of them all.  A year ago I was living life somewhat mundanely but certainly not with excitement!  Certainly not to my full potential and certainly not living up to being the person my family deserved me to be.  I have never been a large girl, in fact, I classify myself as “skinny fat”, a somewhat smaller girl, with absolutely no muscle or strength, lacking energy, walking around in a foggy state a good portion of the time.   That all changed when I answered a simple ad for a local Fit Club where I was introduced to a terrific company called Beachbody!  Through Beachbody and my coach I have discovered a whole new world and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this fitness revolution, this great company, and be a coach myself!

Most everyone has heard of the most popular fitness programs like P90X and Insanity, but I bet you didn’t know what a terrific company stands behind these products!  In short, Beachbody cares about the obesity problem in our society and strives to reach out to everyone that it can to create healthy new habits and healthy new lives!

I, myself, have completed a round of P90X and Les Mills Combat, admittedly my favorite so far! I am currently taking on the newest program Focus T25 featuring the highly energetic Shaun T of Insanity, and absolutely love the intensity and quickness!

Did I mention that I am a Beachbody Coach? Just a few months ago I was given the gift of being coached, being pushed outside of my comfort zone, being encouraged to face my fears and live life to the fullest all while getting healthy and fit! It is now my desire to pay it forward  and give back what I have been given!  My life was given back to me, my energy was given back to me, and my family has been forever blessed by the changes I have made with the tools handed to me by my coach.  Now I would like to help YOU=)

If you are reading this, well, you are reading it for a reason! Do you need a helping hand?  Do you need a friend, a coach to lean on, to help you pick out a fitness program to help you reach your goals? Some one to cheer you on, help hold you accountable, and just be there to help guide you along? Well, here I am, ready and willing to help you!  Feel free to reach out to me any time=)





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