Let’s start with what you DO know about me!  I am a Beachbody Coach!  I am constantly posting about my workouts, other Beachbody workouts, that crazy shake that I am addicted to, and I’m ALWAYS inviting you to join my monthly challenges!

Behind the scenes I run a home based business to help other people get fit, lose weight, and live healthier lives.  My goal is to help people with THEIR goals by offering support, in-home fitness programs, and nutritional products.  So, yes, there is money to be made, but do you know why I became a coach in the first place?  It wasn’t for the money, I would be the worst saleswoman in history, lol!  It was about the gift I was given, the inspiration I received, and the incredible support this company is all about giving!  I began my fitness journey as a client, a customer, and eventually I couldn’t help but WANT to PAY IT FORWARD!

So, let’s dive into what you probably don’t know about Beachbody!  Did you know about the endless support you get from not only your FREE coach but from the online message boards and chat rooms too.  So, not only will you get a complete workout program, set up to lead you directly to success, but you also get a FREE coach!  For me that means total support 24/7, and inclusion into my monthly challenge groups via Facebook, so no need to be local;)  Those generic DVD’s on the store shelf can not compete with that!  See, Beachbody wants you to succeed…they even have chance after chance for you to win money…just by working towards your own goal of becoming fit and healthy!

Did you know that Beachbody has over 20 programs available? So anyone, at any level of fitness, can find a program that fits their needs or likes!  Everyone has heard of P90X or Insanity, those levels of intensity might even scare you…I happen to love them both!  Did you know we have programs like Turbo Fire, which is a favorite of the ladies.  Tai Cheng for those who want to take a less intense approach to help reduce joint and muscle pain.  Body Beast for men AND women really looking to concentrate on those muscles.  Yoga Booty ballet for those of you that enjoy yoga type workouts.  Let’s not forget about my all time favorite, Les Mills Combat, the ultimate mixed martial arts inspired workout with pumped up music and lovely accents!  And did you know that your results and your happiness are 100% guaranteed or you get your money back!  What have you got to lose…but weight maybe!

Now let’s talk about that crazy shake you see me drinking or posting about!  We’ve all tried meal replacement shakes or concocted our own, but have you ever looked at the amount of fillers, cheap fillers at that, and sugars, especially in those canned ones…or tried to fit so many nutrients into your own concoction that it tastes like mud?  The allure of Shakeology, “the healthiest meal of the day“, is that it helps to increase your energy, reduce cravings, lose weight, reboot your digestion, and make you feel great!  It absolutely does all of that without nasty cheap “fillers”!  Shakeology’s ingredients are derived from whole food sources, more then 20 different antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, proteins, and essential amino acids.  If you take my advice on anything, I hope it would be about this incredible shake.  I truly, honestly believe Shakeology should be a part of everyone’s daily diet!

Finally, did you know that you can get a significant discount on your products by becoming a Beachbody coach?  Even make some cash too?  Inevitably, as you work on your own physique, your family, friends, even strangers, will want to know what you are doing that is so successful!  Now, for me, I am all in!  I love this company, what it stands for, and what it has done in my life.  (Please ask me about my journey, I’d be happy to share)  I use the programs everyday, I enjoy my dose of dense nutrition, Shakeology, everyday.  I host monthly fitness groups on Facebook every month, and I am on my way to launching my very own Fit Club, a weekly free workout for my community.  You can absolutely go all in, like me, but you also have the opportunity to become what we call in the biz a “discount coach”.  As a “discount coach” you get a 25% discount on all of your purchases, which is a terrific way to afford your Shakeology!  And remember what I said, other people will want to know your secret;)  And when they do, you can make a commission on that.  Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks!?!

So, this just touches the surface of this terrific company.  I didn’t even go into the support that coaches get, or the family feel you get from coaches all over the country.  Let alone the pride and happiness that comes from being inspired to inspiring others simply to be the healthiest version of themselves possible!

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about our fitness programs, Shakeology, our other nutritional products, or becoming a coach!  My contacts are all posted below=)

Thanks for listening to me talk about my passion!

E-mail~ dawnjerm34@yahoo.com

FB~ https://www.facebook.com/dawn.kovalswarts

FB~ https://www.facebook.com/fitmom34

Web~ http://fitmom34.com

YouTube~ http://www.youtube.com/user/dawnjerm34

Instagram~ Fitmom34


About Dawn Swarts~FitMom34

Hey friends! I am a crazy busy mom to 2.5 boys & a wife to the biggest boy of them all! As if they didn't keep me busy enough I have a small side gig as a waitress to get my adult social fix, and as if that wasn't enough I am taking on the fitness world as a coach for Beachbody too! A year ago I'd never have thought my life would have taken this direction but I found a passion in fitness, getting myself healthy & fit, and helping others the way I was helped! I can say, first hand, while weight can and is an issue for many, it's not always just weight that is the problem...I'd love to share my transformation here but I will save it for my first blog=)

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