its-risky-addicted2success-picture-quoteDoes this picture ring true for any of you out there??? It smacked me, hard, as soon as I saw it! It took me til my 34th year of life to “get it”, to quit being scared of looking silly, of being rejected, or not succeeding, to listen to that whisper in my heart that I have felt all of these years!

Whatever it is that you struggle with, whether it is weight, or social fear, fear of the unknown, FACE IT! That was and is the best advice ever given to me and the best advice I have ever truly listened to and implemented.

As I sit here thinking about this year and all of the new things I have tried, loved, succeeded at, failed at, but tried, I wonder how many people are just like me. How many people don’t listen to that whisper? How many people live in the darkness out of fear? How many people are dying to BREAK OUT!

How many people are out there that just need ONE person to push them out of that darkness, to believe in them, to help them to believe in themselves?

I can only hope to have that impact on people, to give back what I have been given……FREEDOM! I was given the gift of freedom from the darkness, freedom from the silly fear of just about everything, freedom from lack of self-confidence.

I used to think “if I never try I will never fail”! I thought that was working for me, except for when I would hear that faint whisper, except for when that whisper got louder, except for when that whisper turned into a realization that I was my own worst enemy. It was ME standing in my own way, me who was not listening to my heart!  So, with that lil tidbit of vulnerability, here is a lil piece of advice……….

Listen to your heart! 

Set yourself free!


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