SHAKEOLOGY~The Cost, Calories, & Carbs!


~Written by a top coach and although I started by rewriting this in my own words, well, it was just too good to mess with~

Look, I am no health nut, but I have made some changes in my life that now help me to lead a healthy LIFESTYLE… and I make it a point to SHARE those things with others!

One thing I have learned is that MARKETING COMPANIES are ON TO YOU!!! They know that most people trying to be health conscious will flip over the product and take a quick glance at 3-4 things: calories, carbs, protein… and of course, COST.

So, they do whatever it takes to make their product LOW CAL, LOW-CARB, RICH in PROTEIN and try to do so at a LOW COST, so that YOU will buy it. What that USUALLY means is that they have to ADD artificial sweeteners like SUCRALOSE for taste and that “SUGAR-FREE” label (which by the way are PROVEN to make you gain weight by stimulating your appetite, increasing cravings and stimulating FAT storage) and/or SUBTRACT the actual NUTRITIONAL VALUE – just so that they can keep COSTS down and make a profit off of YOU.

But here is the thing: your body NEEDS REAL NUTRIENTS – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, etc. – to function as the well-oiled machine it was designed to be. And while LOW-CAL may keep you SKINNY… It most definitely, alone, is not going to be what keeps you HEALTHY. 

I am not just talking “healthy” as in you won’t get type-two diabetes or cancer. I KNOW that girls in my demographic aren’t all that worried about that right now. But let me ask you this: 

Do you wake up feeling RESTED? 
Do you have SUSTAINED ENERGY throughout the day WITHOUT coffee or Red Bull?
Do you have CLEAR FOCUS while at work? 
Are you constantly battling CRAVINGS? 
Do you tend to get sick often?
Oh, and are you “REGULAR?” (You know what I mean!) 

ALL of these things are linked to your HEALTH and the kinds of nutritional choices you are making.

So, yeah, I believe in SHAKEOLOGY. I’ve been drinking it nearly EVERY day for the past 3 years. And, YES, I am aware there are lower cost, lower cal, lower carb options out there! But when you KNOW BETTER… You DO BETTER!!! Dig a little deeper, and I think you’ll see that you ALWAYS get what you PAY for! 

I am WORTH IT… are you?





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O~M~G~YUM Homemade Hummus

This came out so much better then I thought it would knowing my trial and error with recipes!  It is delicious and “O~M~G~YUM” was my very first thought!

When I was pregnant with my last lil guy I had found this tub of jalapeno/cilantro hummus at this discount grocery store and began buying it at every shopping trip….then at the thought of them not selling it anymore my pregnant self talked my hubby into buying a huge amount, lol!  That was a good thing because it disappeared as fast as I had found it and I haven’t been able to find it since.  For years now (that lil guy is almost 4) people have told me to just make it myself.  I think it took my lifestyle change and my desire for healthy foods to finally get me to attempt it.  You know that feeling of remembering something tasting so good that you just know your homemade attempt will be gross?  Yep, that was me!  I was so wrong!

O~M~G~YUM Homemade HUmmus

It’s so flippin easy too!

I can’t say exactly what amount of anything because I am a wing it kind of a girl so here is my best guess;)

2 cans of garbanzo beans

1 bunch of cilantro

1 jalapeno

1 big spoonful of garlic

juice from half a lemon

a lil sesame oil

a dash of pepper

Blend it all up!


hummus makings

Simple Eating Simple Fitness Fast Results ~21 Day Fix~

Can’t wait for the new 21 Day Fix to come out February 3rd! Just in time to slim down for my BIRTHDAY!! I’ll be celebrating the BIG 35 this year and want to be looking AMAZING! SO…I’m doing something a lil different this year! I’m going to have a BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE GROUP!

When the program launches Feb 3rd it will be on SALE for only $140!! That includes the entire program, nutrition guide, portion control containers, and a months supply of Shakeology (your choice of flavor!)

ShakeO is normally $130 alone! and this program retails at $60, and FREE SHIPPING!!! That’s like $70 savings!! SERIOUSLY!

So who’s going to join me in my Birthday Challenge?!?!? 21 days of learning how to EAT RIGHT and SHORT 30 minute workouts! Message me for details on how/when to order. Going to be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

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P90X3~An update on my progress & thoughts!

I am 2 weeks into my P90X3 journey and let me tell ya this program is no joke!  I have been working out consistently for a year now and this program has hit on new muscles that I didn’t know were there!  At the same time, X3 isn’t a graduate program off of the original but a completely separate program taking the intensity of those hour+ workouts and condensing them down to 30 minutes!  Who doesn’t have 30 minutes!!!  First, let’s see what’s in the box=)

So, now that I have all my materials ready, it’s go time!  Sneak peep into day 1!  I did this first workout in my cramped living room, instead of my workout room  to show that it can be done.  I also did it with minimal equipment and no shoes just for added proof…anyone can do this program!!!

Flash forward to day 5…I’m pretty sore by now…but this cardio while holding onto a weight might just be my favorite yet!  Doesn’t have to be a heavy weight either, and boy does it get the job done!  In fact this day I did this workout twice because I decided to share it at the Fit Club that I host…it was a hit!!!

Today I am 2 days into my 2nd week and just about ready to hit play!  I can definitely say this has my attention like the original P90X never did and it is because of the time.  It’s intense, it’s fast, Tony Horton is hilarious, and I’m done before I have time to realize I just worked my tush off, literally!

***P90X3 NOW Available! Place your order and get plugged into the P90X3 Test Group!***

More Details:
Join The P90X3 Test Group:

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~30 Minute Workouts~

~Fantastic New Program~

FAQ:When is P90X3 available for purchase?
P90X3 will be available to order by end of day 12/10.Where is P90X3 available for purchase?
Find it in the TBB Store and take advantage of free shipping until 12/31. The tool kit will also be available by end of day 12/10.

When should I order it to guarantee I get it by Christmas?
Order by 12/15 11:59 PM to guarantee delivery by 12/25.

What special offer is associated with the release of P90X3?
All orders of P90X3, purchased on, through a Coach or through a Challenge Pack, from 12/10/13 through 12/31/13 will include a free P90X3 hat. There are no hats for P90X or P90X2 orders at this time.

Is there an App available?
The P90X App will be available for Android on 12/10 and the Android version will include the ability to track P90X3 workouts. The functionality to track your P90X3 workouts will be available soon for the iPhone App.

Is there a vegan meal plan option available for P90X3?
There will be vegan options included in the new P90X3 Nutrition Guide that will be available on December 10, 2013.

For tips and ideas on how to modify the P90X3 meal plan to be more vegan friendly, we encourage customers to post the topic on the Team Beachbody message boards ( We have dietary experts that monitor the posts and provide some great ideas and direction.

How long does it take to complete P90X3?
P90X3 is a 90 day program, split into 3 Blocks. Blocks 1 & 2 each consist of 4 weeks, while Block 3 lasts 5 weeks.

Additionally, the Elite Block calendar, which is an optional block to be completed AFTER the initial 90 days, lasts 4 weeks.

The Elite Block includes 3 workouts not included within the P90X3 Base Kit. These workouts and calendar can be found within the P90X3 Deluxe and Ultimate Kits. In addition, they can also be purchased separately.

How long are the workouts for P90X3?
All P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes. The lone exception is the X3 Ab Ripper workout (15 minutes), included within the Deluxe Kit. Most workouts include a 2-3 minute cool down period.

What is included in P90X3?


P90X3 Base Kit Includes:

  • 16 unique and brand new workouts on 8 DVDs
  • Plus, 5 Free Gifts
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 90 Day Workout Calendar
  • How to Accelerate Intro DVD
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Network Exclusive P90X One on One: On One Leg DVD
  • Network Exclusive Premium P90X3 Hat ($24.95 value) – December Only!

Base Kit Pricing

  • Retail           $119.85 + S&H
  • Club             $107.87
  • Coach          $89.89 (90 PV)

P90X3 Deluxe Kit
Includes everything in the Base Kit PLUS:

  • 3 Elite Extreme workouts on 1 DVD
  • Includes free Elite Block Calendar
  • 1-Month E&E Tub
  • 3 B-Lines Resistance Bands

Deluxe Kit Pricing

  • Retail           $239.70 + S&H
  • Club             $215.73
  • Coach          $179.78 (180 PV)

P90X3 Ultimate Kit
Includes everything in the Base & Deluxe Kits PLUS:

  • 1-Month R&R Tub
  • Gym-Quality P90X® Chin-Up Bar
  • P90X® Chin-Up Max
  • Premium Beachbody Jump Mat

Ultimate Kit Pricing

  • Retail           $329.55 + S&H
  • Club             $296.60
  • Coach          $247.16 (247 PV)

P90X3 Challenge Pack
Retail Price: $205 (December Promotional Price: $180)

  • P90X3 Base Kit
  • 30-Day Supply of Shakeology HD
  • 30-Day VIP Team Beachbody Club Membership
  • Entry To The Official P90X3 Test Group
  • Coach Dawn (FitMom34) Assigned As Your Beachbody Coach!

What are the P90X3 workouts?

Product links. NOTE: These will NOT be active until end of day 12/10 when the products are live in the store.









What’s all this talk about Challenge Packs?


There’s a lot of talk about programs like P90X or Insanity, and then there’s that shake everybody’s talking about too…but what are the benefits of putting them together???  Simple!  Get into the best shape of your life using the world’s best ALL~IN~ONE package!  Let me break it down for ya and if you still have questions I’d be happy to answer them!


A Beachbody Challenge Pack has the 3 ingredients needed for success!


There’s 19 world class programs for you to choose from!


All the daily nutrition you need in one delicious shake!


Expert advice, one on one guidance, online tools, and more!

See, Beachbody knows that the best way to stay motivated and get in shape fast is by doing it with a community of others who have the same goals as you!  A challenge group, led by a coach (ME) who has been through it, is a fun and exciting way to get the constant inspiration and encouragement you need to stay committed and achieve your fastest results!

What is better then YOU taking control of your health?  Well, nothing, but here is the icing on the cake;)

Pick out your challenge pack, get plugged into my challenge group, and enter into the challenge contest!  Work your butt off, literally, and get rewarded with a free T~shirt and the chance to win over $100,000!


        MAN         MYOWNTRANS       WOMAN





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3 Things You probably Didn’t Know About Beachbody Just By Reading My posts!

Let’s start with what you DO know about me!  I am a Beachbody Coach!  I am constantly posting about my workouts, other Beachbody workouts, that crazy shake that I am addicted to, and I’m ALWAYS inviting you to join my monthly challenges!

Behind the scenes I run a home based business to help other people get fit, lose weight, and live healthier lives.  My goal is to help people with THEIR goals by offering support, in-home fitness programs, and nutritional products.  So, yes, there is money to be made, but do you know why I became a coach in the first place?  It wasn’t for the money, I would be the worst saleswoman in history, lol!  It was about the gift I was given, the inspiration I received, and the incredible support this company is all about giving!  I began my fitness journey as a client, a customer, and eventually I couldn’t help but WANT to PAY IT FORWARD!

So, let’s dive into what you probably don’t know about Beachbody!  Did you know about the endless support you get from not only your FREE coach but from the online message boards and chat rooms too.  So, not only will you get a complete workout program, set up to lead you directly to success, but you also get a FREE coach!  For me that means total support 24/7, and inclusion into my monthly challenge groups via Facebook, so no need to be local;)  Those generic DVD’s on the store shelf can not compete with that!  See, Beachbody wants you to succeed…they even have chance after chance for you to win money…just by working towards your own goal of becoming fit and healthy!

Did you know that Beachbody has over 20 programs available? So anyone, at any level of fitness, can find a program that fits their needs or likes!  Everyone has heard of P90X or Insanity, those levels of intensity might even scare you…I happen to love them both!  Did you know we have programs like Turbo Fire, which is a favorite of the ladies.  Tai Cheng for those who want to take a less intense approach to help reduce joint and muscle pain.  Body Beast for men AND women really looking to concentrate on those muscles.  Yoga Booty ballet for those of you that enjoy yoga type workouts.  Let’s not forget about my all time favorite, Les Mills Combat, the ultimate mixed martial arts inspired workout with pumped up music and lovely accents!  And did you know that your results and your happiness are 100% guaranteed or you get your money back!  What have you got to lose…but weight maybe!

Now let’s talk about that crazy shake you see me drinking or posting about!  We’ve all tried meal replacement shakes or concocted our own, but have you ever looked at the amount of fillers, cheap fillers at that, and sugars, especially in those canned ones…or tried to fit so many nutrients into your own concoction that it tastes like mud?  The allure of Shakeology, “the healthiest meal of the day“, is that it helps to increase your energy, reduce cravings, lose weight, reboot your digestion, and make you feel great!  It absolutely does all of that without nasty cheap “fillers”!  Shakeology’s ingredients are derived from whole food sources, more then 20 different antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, proteins, and essential amino acids.  If you take my advice on anything, I hope it would be about this incredible shake.  I truly, honestly believe Shakeology should be a part of everyone’s daily diet!

Finally, did you know that you can get a significant discount on your products by becoming a Beachbody coach?  Even make some cash too?  Inevitably, as you work on your own physique, your family, friends, even strangers, will want to know what you are doing that is so successful!  Now, for me, I am all in!  I love this company, what it stands for, and what it has done in my life.  (Please ask me about my journey, I’d be happy to share)  I use the programs everyday, I enjoy my dose of dense nutrition, Shakeology, everyday.  I host monthly fitness groups on Facebook every month, and I am on my way to launching my very own Fit Club, a weekly free workout for my community.  You can absolutely go all in, like me, but you also have the opportunity to become what we call in the biz a “discount coach”.  As a “discount coach” you get a 25% discount on all of your purchases, which is a terrific way to afford your Shakeology!  And remember what I said, other people will want to know your secret;)  And when they do, you can make a commission on that.  Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks!?!

So, this just touches the surface of this terrific company.  I didn’t even go into the support that coaches get, or the family feel you get from coaches all over the country.  Let alone the pride and happiness that comes from being inspired to inspiring others simply to be the healthiest version of themselves possible!

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about our fitness programs, Shakeology, our other nutritional products, or becoming a coach!  My contacts are all posted below=)

Thanks for listening to me talk about my passion!






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~Real Talk~ A glimpse into my journey~

Who were you a year ago? Who do you want to be a year from now? Whoever that is START TODAY! I can almost guarantee you will not regret it!

Impossible is nothing!

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

— Muhammad Ali

~Conquering the Spartan Race~

~Conquering the Spartan Race~A whole lot of running, a few burpees, a ton of mud, and an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment!

Cue the alarm clock at 6am, I wake up nervous, unable to even contemplate eating breakfast, knowing I am about to embark on a whole new challenge and unsure if I am ready for what’s in store for me!  I am filled with anticipation, shakes, nervousness, and excitement as I get my things together, pack up my bag, and throw on my “I  Love Burpees” t-shirt, made by yours truly just for this race!  Who can eat with such feelings, but alas, I know I must get some fuel in this body of mine so I whip up an absolutely delicious shake, with Shakeology of course;) Kiss my hubby and kids and say a still shaky “wish me luck” as I head out the door! It’s time to goooooooooo!

burpees blog

As I head over to meet up with my team, only the best teammates ever, my belly is sinking, my mind racing, my thoughts scattered between fear of the unknown and knowing how awesome I am going to feel at the finish line BUT first I have to get there!  We share a few laughs about being ready vs being terrified, get all of our junk together, and load into the car.  As I shut the back door of someone else’s car I realize THIS IS IT! There’s no turning back, I am along for the ride, and that ride includes MUD, OBSTACLES, A WHOLE LOT OF RUNNING, and more importantly me FACING MY FEARS and PUSHING MYSELF!  Oh, did I mention the MUD, lots and lots of MUD!

on our way blog

Fast forward an hour and a half, we are pulling into the event and again, my belly is sinking, my head spinning, my heart racing! We are HERE! Get signed in, BREATHE, get stretched out, BREATHE, snap some pics, BREATHE, hit the restrooms, twice, because I know I downed a bottle of water and then a preworkout concoction, and I’m about to enter a 4 mile muddy obstacle course, not fun with a full bladder!  Just when I think we still have a few minutes to relax they call out our starting time!  WHAT!?! ALREADY?!? NOW!?! Oh my oh my oh my, BREEEEEATHE!

me & baily blog

And we’re off!  The best thing about starting is that all of that nervous energy, all of that fear, all of that feeling like I’m going to pass out, it all disappears because I am no longer thinking about being afraid, instead I AM DOING IT! I am doing what I was afraid to do, I am running, running up and down and towards the mud and obstacles that I still fear, but fear or no fear I AM DOING IT!

The terrain is a bit brutal, for sure! The race begins with quite the steep hike/run straight up, or so it feels, then the next thing I know I am sliding down a hill just as steep, grabbing the weeds on the side for dear life as to not slip and take out the people in front of me!  The sun is shining down on us, the air dry, the dust almost too much, and after a mile or so of this we are all wondering where the heck is the mud, the water, the refreshing feeling to cool us off! Brutal but awesome! After scaling a few walls on my own I just knew there would be a taller one, just out of my reach, darn! I got myself up there, and as I clung there, feeling like a trapped puppy dog, for what felt like forever I knew I’d need a boost! Before I could even ask someone gave me just the boost I needed to conquer that wall. Thank God for terrific teammates! ONWARD! At this point we are hot, sweaty, covered in dry dirt, and on a mission to get to the water, I say water, really I mean MUD pits!

Be careful what you ask for;) Truthfully it’s all a lil blurry as to what obstacle came first and when, and I am sure I am forgetting something in this glorious experience but back to the race! I do know we were all pretty happy to see a water-slide up ahead after all of the dry running! I got up to it alongside one of my team mates, and as he pushed himself along I had the thought “ok cool, it’s not going to be that fast”…WRONG! This slide was pretty steep, and pretty long, and had a pretty good drop off into a huge mud pool! So, I started to push myself along and all of a sudden I have no control and I am FLYING at ungodly speeds (exaggeration? yes, but in my head that is what it felt like).  I have this fear, or maybe just a grand dislike for mud in my nose, so I held my nose for the entire ride down, lol, and so tight that my nose ring cut me.  Ah the joy!  As fast as it started it ended with me plunging into the biggest mud puddle ever but oh so refreshing, if you can say that about mud!

water slide blog

So, a few more twists, turns, lifts, climbs, and a heck of a lot more muddy trails and I realize that not only am I doing this thing but I am doing it pretty freakin well!  As we came upon the inverted wall my heart sank…I can’t do that one=/ Then that cool chick in my head said OH YES YOU CAN!  I mean, worse case scenario is that I’d get another boost, but I did really want to try it on my own first.  Guess what? This cool chick DID IT, on my own! Score!

The absolute hardest part of this race (in my opinion) and my absolute favorite part of it had to be the quarter mile barbed wire hill climb!  This thing was STEEP and SLICK and at times felt IMPOSSIBLE! That is where teamwork comes in in a huge way!  To conquer that awful hill we all had to get pretty close, our own team and anyone else around you.  Grab a leg, climb a body, slide back down, dig in an elbow, let someone climb up your body, slide a lil, and eventually we all made it to the top with busted up knees and elbows, but with an unexplainable pride for conquering that beast!  And what good is any mud run without a few battle wounds, it is called Spartan after all!

mud pool blog

More running, climbing, tire pulls, scaling walls, and I can’t forget the burpees, oh those burpees!  Another shout out to my awesome team, we all did burpees together, whether or not one of us technically didn’t have to we just busted them out together.  It’s an incredible feeling to be part of a team that great!

4 miles of incredibly steep hills, 2.5 hours of climbing them, running them, sliding down them, obstacles galore, beat up knees, cuts and scrapes and bruises, and one kick ass race CONQUERED!  One very proud girl right here!  Faced the fear, ran the race, and FINISHED STRONG right along side my incredible team, my fit fam, my friends! AWESOME!


finish line blog

Crossed that finish line so proud, so accomplished, so happy, and wondering…..what next?  Oh yes, there is a next…..

last pic for blog